National Youth Parliament (NYP):

Habitat has supported the formation of Youth Parliaments under City Councils, and has created an important platform whereby youth councils, youth NGO’s and university clubs from all across Turkey can get together to set shared goals, by aiding in the foundation of the National Youth Parliament (NYP) in 2004.

The NYP is a youth platform that attempts to bridge the gaps between youth-related fields by helping the youth groups in its own body strengthen communication amongst themselves, increase their awareness of youth-related developments and produce policies at a national level by adopting a shared perspective towards problem-solving.

TOBB Young Entrepreneurs’ Council:

Habitat maintains the view that improving communication between civilian networks and the business world is of utmost importance. To that end, Habitat not only introduces youth to the business world via projects developed through its partnerships with the private sector, but also suggested the formation of Young Entrepreneurs’ Councils under TOBB and has supported the Council since its foundation. Habitat believes that these Young Entrepreneurs’ Councils, with offices in all 81 cities of Turkey, play an important role in the economic, environmental and social development processes of Turkey.

Habitat aims to provide trainings that support employment in entrepreneurial fields, and to improve the communication and interaction between entrepreneurial fields and Young Entrepreneurs’ Councils, university clubs, and networks formed under the UGP.

Habitat supports communication and cooperation between the TOBB Young Entrepreneurs’ Councils and the Women Entrepreneurs’ Councils.