Fields of Work

As habitat we continue our work in the following areas.

Rural Development Program

Habitat Rural Development Program, develops projects and campaings to support social and economical aspects of rural development by carring out trainings, empowering SMEs and cooparatives that are locally active.

Entrepreneurship Program

Habitat Entrepreneurship Program, develops projects and campaigns for development of entrepreneurship perception, speeding up the frequency of innovative idea generation and the structuring of sustainable business models. Also intermediating for entrepreneurs to meet with mentors & investors and providing foundation and development grants.

Financial Literacy Program

Habitat Financial Literacy Program, develops projects and campaigns on accurate budgeting of personal financial resources; financial planning and management, increasing awareness on fight against the informal economy, and using finance services correctly.

Governance Program

Habitat Governance Program, develops projects and campaigns for facilitating the participation of all social groups in local and national decision-making mechanisms.

Information and Communication Technologies Program

Habitat Information and Communication Technologies Program, develops projects and campaings to promote the proper use of information channels, improve digital skills, increase the knowledge and awareness of the society about the rights by spreading trainings.